The conference programme will appeal to worldwide audiences involved in driving research and instrumentation development in the field of vibrational spectroscopy with accelerator based sources. WIRMS 2013 will host a number of Internationally renowned invited speakers covering a diverse range of topics.

The programme will include topics such as:

  • Infrared Microspectroscopy
  • Sub-diffraction Imaging
  • Cultural Heritage Applications
  • Atmospheric & Astrophysical Sciences
  • Facility Developments
  • Far-IR and THz spectroscopy
  • Condensed Matter
  • Extreme Conditions
  • Surface Science
  • Coherent Synchrotron Radiation & Free Electron Laser
  • Environmental Science and Renewable Energy

The conference will also welcome delegates to attend a number of exciting social functions designed to entertain and facilitate networking of WIRMS 2013 attendees.

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